Life as first envisioned

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A New-Year pastoral initiative, the retreat will provide a suitable environment to help participants achieve the following:
1. Reflect Life as the most precious gift that our loving God has envisioned from the beginning.
2. Appreciate the teachings of Magisterium, St. John Paul II in particular, on the treasure of Life.
3. Identify vital aspects to nurture an authentic Christian Life in our contemporary time.
4. Foster a spiritual life through liturgical celebrations, personal enrichment, and effective apostolic works.

Date: Feb 8, 2018
Time: 8:30 am

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Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center
6520 Van Maren Lane
Citrus Heights, Ca , CA 95621
Contact Information
Contact Person: 
Dr. Hai Tran
916 505 6288
WHO SHOULD ATTEND If you’re longing for an opportunity to reflect and grow in the love of God, you should come to experience first-hand the working dynamic of divine grace in every step of the retreat. Active ministers of the Church and all people of good will are welcome. Please call Dr. Tran for further details. 916 505 6288